Migration of UNISYS-OS3 Software and Data to Linux/UNIX

MAGRO has the experience and the tools to perform a smooth and fast migration from OS3 to Linux/Unix. We would be pleased to support you in your efforts to perform the migrat-ion process or to offer you the complete migration-project as fixed-price turn-key.

Our software TCS provides a complete OS3 Runtime System on Linux/Unix. This means no change of OS3 job-control, no change of COBOL IMS/TIP programs, no change in COBOL batch programs. TCS supports DATA utility, MILOAD, DMPRST, SORT and SORT3. Several essential OS3 functions like spooling and job scheduling are also supported.

TCS integrates your OS3 environment into the Linux/Unix system and allows Linux/Unix specific exten-tions to be applied to your prog-rams.


If you have other than COBOL-programs, e.g. RPG or BAL-assembler, MAGRO has also experience in con-verting those programs into readable COBOL source, thus providing easy maintenance on the target system.

Your data can be brought into a re-lational database system like ORACLE or Informix. TCS provides an intel-ligent interface for your programs, so that no change in your program code is necessary. You may have some data files administered by Oracle and others by the Cobol system. TCS recognizes this and the data-access is performed accordingly.

Once having the software on Linux/Unix, all advantages, tools and features of an open system will be available to you. Having the data administered by a relational database system, you will be able to access data using new tools such as SQL.

Migration of Mainframe Data to Linux/UNIX Database

MAGRO also performs migration projects to transfer datafiles of mainframes or other systems to Linux/UNIX databases like ORACLE or Informix.


We got the experience and the tools to perform such a task and we have several verification tools to verify the migrated data and to proof the consistency and correctness of the migrated data.

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