Choose the appropriate TCS Release, click the ftp-hyperlink and your browser will start downloading the product.
NOTE: TCS-PROD-xxx.Z is a UNIX-compressed file.

TCS Linux
* On Linux/UNIX, create a user "tcs2000" with directory "/opt/tcs2000"
* Login to "tcs2000" and get the file "TCS-PROD-xxx.Z"
* type "uncompress TCS-PROD-xxx.Z"
* type "cpio -iBduvc < TCS-PROD-xxx"
* type "su"
* type "./tcs_install"
* after the install process, logout from tcs2000 and re-login to activate the environment.
* type "tcs_sid", this will show the TCS System ID
Please send the TCS System-ID to tcs@magro-soft.com. MAGRO will then supply the appropriate TCS activation key and instructions how to apply the TCS activation key. With the appropriate activation key the product is operational three months and is limited for 8 users.