MAGRO was founded 1983 in Salzburg. Our knowledge and know-how in the field of Information Technology is widely spread and has improved through the years and also kept up to date in the respective subject.

A main focus of our work is the portation of larger applications from proprietary systems to Linux/ Unix environments, including the migration and conversion of data from conventional files as well as the conversion of hierarchical Codasyl databases into the relation-al database model.

For that purpose we have developed TCS, a software which provides a mainframe-environment (i.e. UNISYS-OS3) on Linux/Unix and additionally enables the use of the new tools

like SQL-processing over relational databases.

Apart from the development of com-plex database applications - from design to implementation and train-ing - and the construction of individual software as required by our customers from various bran-ches, the intranet and the inter-net, too, are of course part of our matters of business, like the con-struction of network monitors and webdesign.

We care for our customers personal-ly and with most attentiveness, individually and with full commit-ment at all times.

For us, your satisfaction has the highest priority.

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